Clive Rogers

Born in Southport in the north west of the UK Clive started learning guitar at 13 years old. Learning quickly by age 16 he was in a band and supporting big bands like Judas Priest and Def Lepard. In and out of various bands during the next 15 years he finally landed a job as Programmer / Session guitarist for a music publisher in Milton Keynes. Over the next four years Clive worked on various projects from Karaoke Videos to Solo artists tracks including Brian Poole and Alesias Attic. Moving finally to Sussex on the south coast in the early 1990's Clive found time to have two children and start a rock band called COBRA. The band recorded three albums and played hundreds of gigs in and around the Sussex area. After six years the band called it a day and Clive started Haven Guitar Clubs which became the most popular way of learning the guitar in sussex within a year.

Clive now runs his clubs and composes and records his own songs as well as bringing up his two boys.